oosterschelde duiken

strandvakantie in egmond


Longing for the sea……

One person may think of the rough surf of the waves and the endless sand dunes. Another envisions the peaceful ebb of the tide while enjoying the beautiful colours that are portrayed in the deep clear water. Here in the Netherlands you can see it all.

First of all visit Egmond aan Zee, a traditionally welcoming Dutch village situated by beautiful sand dunes. Secondly you can also enjoy a visit to the village Wemeldinge, a natural paradise for those enjoy water sports. Though they are very different in character both are historical towns with nearby villages that offer endless opportunities for a scenic walk or a relaxing cycle while enjoying the surroundings. Not to forget of course that you can enjoy the beach more or less everywhere in the area. In short if you’d like to enjoy a holiday on the water, beach and by the beautiful sand dunes then you have come to the right place.

Aad and Gina Baltus pan met mosselen